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*A suit that increases compression, maximum comfort, improve sensitivity and precise sizing.
4 major improvements:
1-Higher compression:
LZR Racer CompreX uses one way stretch technology, stretching vertically, allowing swimmers freedom of movement during their stroke. It is resistant to horizontal stretch providing high compression and reducing drag but increasing the muscles efficiency.
2-Ab activation:
the single layer Ab-Activator panels improving sensitivity to water, that encourages lower abdominal muscle activation. This proprioceptive feedback promotes optimal body position in the water.
3-Support seam construction:
enhance the link between muscles of the upper and lower body. They connect major muscles of the thigh, back and shoulders. The support seam intersects at the hip bone, allowing rotation, then runs across the lower back with an identifiable ‘X’ shape. The construction of the seams provides feedback to the swimmer, helping to maintain a better position in the water and a high-leg kick.
4- Improved high quality finishes:
Improved components and finishes on openings for a better fit and entry
into the suit.

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